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You’re invited to join us in February for a pilgrimage to India.

If you’ve had the experience of participating in Kirtan or my chanting circles before, you would know this feeling of connectedness that happens when we chant these powerful mantras and the way the energy in the room can gather up your emotions and arrange them into a harmonious mandala that stills the mind and soothes the soul.

Afterwards you take that home with you and weather you realize it or not, good things are happening, your relationships improve, you are more connected to your true authentic self which is actually your unique doorway, or reflection of the source. The decisions that you make and the flow you are in, takes you more directly towards your true destiny, your true purpose in life.

The thing is that this feeling of connection tends to wear off after few days and we can easily fall back into our old patterns of disconnection.

Because I’m continuing touring, I have the experience of being in that space all the time and it’s really like being in your own personal heaven, where everyone is lifted. Something I cannot describe but can only wish to share the experience.

So the retreat is an opportunity for people to share that journey with me, where we are chanting everyday and doing the morning practice, we really feel that heaven around, where all our relationships are beautiful, where opportunities and doors open, things happen that I cannot explain.

When we are in a group of people, this experience is magnified.

The sense of family that develops from this space that we co-create together and what I witness during these retreats is everybody actually goes thought some kind of healing too. Whatever has been holding us back from that space, gets removed by the practice, and the healing is always very gentle and beautiful, it’s not like a catharsis kind of healing and with the support of the group, they realize that the snake was a rope.

So the retreats are an opportunity to have the experience and the grounding of being in that connected space also, after that experience your life most likely will take on a different direction.

For what I’ve seen and what I heard from people who have joined past retreats, many say the same thing, that their life changes for the better after this experience, and that’s the intention of the retreats. This is what everything is directing towards, positive transformation.

But is also a great way to travel. There is a lot of people that have heard about these places and wanted to go there but hesitate because of the daunting feeling of going by yourself or having to organize it on your own.

Here, with your safety and comfort a priority, all is organized for you and you can actually just enjoy the program which is geared towards your journey of unfolding but also there is a lot of freedom for you to do your own thing and be a traveler as well.

We intentionally choose these power places to work with the environment and combine it with the the chanting practices.

This particular journey is a powerful kind of mantra adventure.

I learned my first mantra when i was in India 28 years ago and it came from Tiruvannamalai and I also heard so much about how special is Rishikesh, one of the main places in the word to study yoga and meditation, surrounded by multiple temples and ashrams, where many gurus like Mooji or Prem Baba offer their satsangs every year and where there is Kirtan happening almost every day of the week.

So I cannot be more excited to share this adventure with you..

Please feel welcome…

Kevin James Carroll

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What is this adventure about?

During this trip to India, we will visit two of the most important sacred places, Rishikesh and Tiruvannamalai. We will have the opportunity to visit the town of Auroville.

As a retreat based journey, we have the opportunity to enjoy yoga, meditation, walks, voice training and chanting practice. We will facilitate group activities to assist the process of connecting and merging as a group, so that our time spent together is light hearted, fun and joyful as well as deep and meaningful.

Eli, with his more than 35 years of experience in India, will take us to explore these places while Kevin will share his gift of music and voice, guiding us through chanting each day into ever deepening heart space. This both enhances our connection as a group, and also our connection to the incredible environment through which we will be traveling.


More about Daily Chanting

Kevin will guide us daily in an exploration of the profoundly transforming energy of chanting. We begin our day with Kevin sharing what he simply calls his “Morning practice” which involves a deep journey into the Aum & toning sacred sounds as he shares his profound insight into the nature of sound and the connections it has to every part of our lives.


You will be supported to open up to an effortless way of singing in your natural voice with emotion and feeling (the essence of Bhakti) and Kevin will explain how this has a direct connection to your true authentic self.

This will improve and open your voice, clear emotional blockages and give your energy centers a clean up and charge up with the power of your own voice. Send a message of harmony to every cell of your body. Feel the deep meditation of toning the sounds of your own true nature as it aligns your being and gives you a clear aura of peace and healing.

In the daily chanting sessions, we explore some of the blissful trance states that come from certain mantras with the possibility to learn some some of the more difficult mantras he doesn’t normally share in the circles. Also there will be the element of co-creation where Kevin will do his best to accommodate the desires of the group including some ‘one on one’ help if needed.

The benefits from chanting are clearly evident in just one 2 hour session. What I love about these retreats is that I get a chance to share the experience of what it’s like to be chanting every day and how this can have a profound effect on your state of being and health  but even much more than that, it can change your reality, where it’s almost like we enter another dimension of harmony and grace. This is really the essence of what I intend to share at these retreats.” ~ Kevin James


First week: yoga , daily visit to temples , swim in the holy Ganga river, shopping, day trip to Haridwar to experience the power ritual of Ganga aarti.

Second week: visit Ramana Maharashi ashram, walks around Arunachala mountain, day trip to Auroville.

If you want to have more information about these beautiful and special places, please click in the names:


Rishikesh (2)



$2.800 AUD (1.900€ aprox.) ~ in shared room.

$3.640 AUD (2.400€ aprox.) ~ private room

Early bird price till 11th November 2017

$ 2.400 AUD (shared room)

$ 3.240 AUD (private room)


Payment Conditions

The payment can be paid online in full, or split into two parts: $500AUD paid online at the time of the booking (as a deposit) and the rest of the amount paid  before the 6th of January 2018

Please, note that until we receive the deposit, the booking at the retreat, the internal flights and the accommodation won’t be confirm.

What is included?

  • Accommodation during the retreat and breakfast
  • Daily morning practice and chanting circles with Kevin James
  • Internal flights “Delhi – Dehdarum”, “Dehdarum – Chennai” and the transport from/to the hotel/airport
  • Day trips to Haridwar and Auroville

What not?

  • Your round-trip airfare from home
  • Dinners and lunches (very inexpensive in India)
  • Insurance
  • Optional motorbike rents
Payment steps:
  • Please choose the type of payment (partial or full) in the links below.
  • Use the shopping cart provided and complete your payment.
  • Direct transfer to bank, Paypal or Credit cards are accepted.
  • Having received your payment we will send you a confirmation of your participation.
  • Then, when you arrange your travel please send us the information of your time of arrival.


If you have difficulty using this shopping cart you can alternatively follow these five simple steps:

1) Send an email to Maharani Indian Tours (Eli Fletcher) incl. your name, contact details, number of participants for registration and the accommodation type selected (privet or shared room)

2) We will send you the bank account details to make the first or full payment for your booking. Having received your payment we will send you a confirmation of your participation.

3) when you arrange your travel please send us the information of your time of arrival.

4) In case you only paid the deposit, make the second payment before the 6th of January 2018.


Things to bring

Light and warm clothing (thermals are light to wear under clothes), sandals (slip on and off quickly for temples and ashrams), walking shoes (have in mind that there will be the possibility to rent scooter in Tiruvannamalai), mosquito repellent, phone charger adaptor, hand wipes. Musical instruments are welcome.

During the first week in Rishikesh, there will be one day where Eli will take us to the best shops to buy indian clothes.

We recommended you to pack light (max. 15Kg luggage weight), as it be easier for you when we move around the country.

Indian cuisine

comida indiaThe cuisine of India is one of the world’s most diverse cuisines, characterized by its sophisticated and subtle use of the many spices, vegetables, grains and fruits grown across India. The cuisine of each geographical region includes a wide assortment of dishes and cooking techniques reflecting the varied demographics of the ethnically diverse Indian subcontinent. Vegetarianism is widely practiced in many Hindu, Buddhist and Jain communities, so it will be easy to find nice dishes for those who have a vegetarian diet.

Cancellation policy

In case you need to cancel the trip the following charges apply to cover costs we have incurred with processing your booking. Cancellations made within: 90 days of departure will forfeit 30% of the journey fee, 45 days of departure will forfeit 50% of the fee, 7 days of departure will forfeit 70% of the fee.


Travel insurance is required for all participants, and we suggest you take out a policy at the same time as making your booking with us, in case you need to make an emergency cancellation for any reason, in which case your cancellation fees will be covered.


You will need a visa to travel to India. Please contact as soon as possible to begin the process.

The facilitators

About Kevin

Untitled design (1)Kevin James is an experienced Chant leader who travels continuously sharing his presence and heartfelt voice with people from many different cultures and religions throughout the world. Weaving ancient Mantra’s with his own prayers and hearts song, he draws upon influences from traditional Indian Kirtan, Bhajans, Celtic and Sufi chants mixed with western folk sounds and world instruments.

Since 2003, he has been leading chanting circles in and around Byron Bay, Australia as well as many other parts of the world as he travels the globe sharing his vision of heart centered connection and oneness.

Practicing Bhakti Yoga (The yoga of devotion) since his first visit to India in 1990, Kevin James now leads chanting circles and workshops in yoga festivals and studios all over the world.

His intention is to unite people to the heart through the simple act of chanting together in a way that is universal and based on the principles of Bhakti Yoga, to see the “One” or the Divine in everyone and everything. A search beginning, continuing, and ending in love.

About Eli  (Maharani Indian Tours)

Untitled design (2)Eli has been traveling India most of his life, starting at the age of 19 years old. He started as a spiritual seeker aspirant , visiting different Ashram’s , teachers and studying yoga and meditation. He started a business running a shop in Australia of indian products. He started Maharani tours 15 years ago from request of friends asking to come along with him to India. He has adopted and accustomed the tours to the Indian way of living / being.

Testimonials from participants of last retreats

This week was the most intensive and best experience of my life! I will keep it like a treasure in my heart and spread out this love in the world.

I am so happy that I decided to join this retreat.


I lost my fear that I carried with me since I was a child through singing, chanting, dancing and being together with you wonderful people who created a safe space full of love and joy! I am so grateful for that. THANK YOU!

There is so much energy and power in me which was released by that deep healing and I am charged by singing. It feels like I have found my place in my life, standing with my feet on my position, completely in my body and my hands are free for dealing for what I want and I made some important decisions within the last days. How amazing!

At the moment every day is like a wonder, as I am discovering myself in this new life…


My whole life I have wished to be able to sing, to express all that I feel in my heart.

This week, my dream has come true and I take this wonderful , full of light energy into my future life with me.

Thank you so much from my heart for this experience.

U. F.

I don’t have words to describe what I feel.

A deep inner happiness and serenity. A place deeply rooted in me. I see so much beauty around me. So much depth we have experienced and at the same time

we had a lot of fun. I tell other people of our week and they immediately feel the passion, pure joy, love, connectedness. It was magical!

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Thank’s Kevin that you showed us your way of life. You are in my heart!

S. F

It was totally amazing. Kevin’s music went so deep into my heart, I was feeling like it wants to jump out and radiate like a huge sun.

The energy was so strong, solving, supporting and open. The circle was like a big family. People got so close to each other from the first day.

I never felt stronger connection to myself, my heart and other people.

The experience was totally gorgeous.


  If you have any question, please don’t hesitate contact Eli Fletcher