Details. Chanting Circle and recording with Kevin James Carroll & Friends

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Welcome to this very special last circle in the Byron area. We will gather out on the balcony of this beautiful private house with stunning views of the surrounding countryside and chant into the sunset with lovely guest musicians and also sing for a video clip of a new release from my first album ONE remastered Asatoma.


Tickets are by donation to make sure that we have the right numbers and are all comfortable. Once getting your ticket, you will receive the information where the circle will be held.


Please dress as you wish. Our vision is to make this as authentic and natural as possible. We will play the song and we sing to it a couple of times and then go on with our circle but please be aware that we are filming and by joining us, means that you agree with being filmed 🙂


This is a great opportunity to touch the hearts of those who will be able to view what we do and hopefully be inspired to gather and sing to reconnect as well.