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There is something magic that happens in the chanting circles that over the space of two hours, can change our reality, the feeling can last for days and from some reports, it is life changing. What I like to do, is take it a step further and use the environment of particular high energy and beautiful places to support a group to go even deeper. Where we stay in that energy field, journey together and sing every day. I also share my morning practices of vocal tuning and emotional balancing using the voice, yoga and meditation. This experience of staying in that field can really transform our lives and is the essence of the few retreats that i run every year in different parts of the world like these few coming up this year that I would like to share with you… If you are feeling the call.. Let us know, there are still some spaces left on both these journey’s. There’s a great group of people gathering for both events and I’m sure your heart will guide you well whatever you do.
Ladakh – 31 July – 20 August – HeartSongs In The Himalayas Corfu – 3 July – 8 July – Soul of the Buddha – Mantra Holiday (followed by Sound and Silence festival) Greece – 10-24th Sept – Chant and Sail the Greek Islands.
Just go to events here for more info. You’ll see all the info there. Please help share the opportunity with others who you feel may benefit from such an experience by sharing this as a message or however you feel. Its appreciated. Thank you.

Love. Music. Harmony. Connection. Heartsongs.


If I was to suggest loving everything, to a person who is disconnected from their heart it would sound silly and idealistic.

Yet, the suggestion to the same person when they are connected to their heart, would make perfect sense and seem natural.

Love is perceived differently from a disconnected state of mind than from a state of mind that is connected and liberated by the heart.

The heart and mind centres harmonise each other as do all of our energy centres. I would go so far as to say, all our energy centres (as in the seven major chakras) balance and harmonise each other and if we get blocked or lost in any one of them, our energy goes into to a kind of dysfunctional chaos.

We can only truly love when we have established and maintained this connection and balance within ourselves, otherwise we end up chasing love in things and only catch glimpses of it before our disconnected mind blocks it off from its source, the heart.

Connected to our heart we can effortlessly and truly love all with presence, understanding and compassion.

The love that I’m speaking of is not the conditional love that a disconnected mind perceives which compartmentalises and places it things and outside of the moment. Also, it’s not an unachievable goal that requires a guru or spiritual practice, even though those things can help.

It is a love that is simply the outcome of a connection to your true self that allows the mind to see with your whole being, with your heart, the seat of consciousness and presence.

Life has led me on a path that has supported this connection sharing the way I do with music and this has given me experiences and insight that compel me to share these words, just as an offering or reminder for those whose who may have taken paths where it is more difficult to stay connected and somehow gone astray for I know from experience, it’s difficult to see it when your in it.

Like a fish in muddy water, there seems to be no way out. So it is with a clouded mind, it goes with you everywhere.. Connection will clean the water and allow the mud to settle as the emotions and the wisdom of the heart keeps the mind clean, clean of illusions and confusions of unconscious thinking.

From what I can see, loving everything is our natural state of being. Its who we are.

To see what is, as it is, we are accepting it.

By accepting it, we connect to it and by connecting to it, we connect to our true self.

For all that we perceive in the outside world is actually also happening inside of us. They are one.

There is not simply an “out there” this is all connected.

It is only from a harmonious connected self that we can make real positive and effective change in this world.

All seeds we sow will only produce the same fruit of its source. This is why, even with the best intentions, so many unharmonious things have been done and continue to happen in this world so long as we put the problems “out there.”

This is also why it’s so important for us all right now to stay connected.

The world doesn’t need any more successful and famous people. It needs you and I to take responsibility to connect to who we truly are, believe in ourselves and to commune with our own hearts true desires. Now, where that leads you, it doesn’t matter.

It needs you to be you, as you are and me to be me. I’m talking the real you and me, the authentic and free one.

This is a journey we must take together. Not pointing the finger at each other, rather point at our 3rd eye to remind each other why we’re here.

I believe that its not what you do but where you are coming from that really matters.

People aren’t right, wrong, good or evil, that’s just within our minds limited points of view.

There is harmony and connection to our true self, or there is not, which inevitably is reflected in our life to the degree in which we have cultivated it, in the amount of love, harmony, healing, peace, ease and flow we experience, or the amount of chaos, difficulty, disease and suffering we experience. It all depends on the degree of our connection to our true self.

Make your every thought word and deed harmonious and life will reflect it back and your connection will grow stronger.

How do we know what is, or is not harmonious?

I would ask, how can you tell when the music’s harmonious?

Simply, it sounds beautiful. It feels right. It feels good.

Its enjoyable, if it feels right, if it inspires you. If you feel drawn to it. Follow the feeling.

If you are challenged by my suggestion to love everything, I’m inviting you to change the world by changing yourself and look at yourself and the choices your making in your life. To discover what leads you to disconnect from your true self.

If I was to say to you that all that you really want, lies behind what you don’t want to hear.

Would you want to hear that?

For those of you that feel disconnected here are two solutions that you do not want to hear but I suggest you do both of them immediately and that means, start now.

1 Stop doing things that make you feel disconnected.

2 Do things that make you feel connected.

For 1

This will require you to call on all of your faith, take it easy but be alert to the minds trap of time, it will always want to do it later or try to make it an UN-achievable goal. Step by step, pace through the fears. Break the chains that bind you. It will require you to concentrate because this includes your thinking. You will be rewarded with more faith, every time you trust and follow your heart, by witnessing the outcome of your actions, as you walk the sacred journey from victim to master of your reality.

For 2

Do what makes you feel good, do what inspires you, step out of the limitations, patterns, comfort zones and check in with your inner world and your inner child.

Be present and kind to the people around you. Play with children and animals. Sing and dance. Take some time to be present and tune in to your innermost desires. Pray every night before sleep, it doesn’t need to be to an external God, just pray, you will be amazed. Pray for someone you love. Every time you pray you get closer to aligning with what you really want beyond what you think you want. May your aim be true.

Question your beliefs and habitual thinking that has disconnected you and liberate yourself. No one else can do this work. This is our responsibility.

I’m not saying that I’m fully there or I’m teaching you anything, I just write this  as an offering, because I want to share what I have found to be the most value to me in my life in hope that others may benefit.

Live well, live true by allowing love to live through you…

Kevin James – Heartsongs.


Greece – Soul of the Buddha Chanting retreat

From the 03/07/ too the  08/07/2016   Join Kevin James & his daughter Shenteh, in an exploration of the profound transforming energy of chanting.

We will begin our day with Kevin sharing what he simply calls his “Morning practice” which involves a deep journey into the Aum & toning sacred sounds as he shares his profound insight into the nature of sound and the connections it has to every part of our lives. You will be supported to open up to an effortless way of singing in your natural voice with emotion and feeling. (The essence of Bhakti) and Kevin will explain how this has a direct connection to your true authentic self.

We will chant daily and explore some of the blissful trance states that come from certain mantras with the possibility to learn some some of the more difficult mantras he doesn’t normally share in the circles. Also there will be the element of co-creation where Kevin will do his best to accommodate the desires of the group including some one on one help if needed. “The benefits from chanting are clearly evident in just one 2 hour session.

What is special about these retreats is that we get a chance to share the experience of what its like to be chanting everyday and how this can have a profound effect on your state of being and health. But even much more than that, it can change your reality, where its almost like we enter another dimension of harmony and grace.

This is really the essence of what Kevin intends to share at these retreats. Kevins Morning Practice, toning and singing through the Chakras will improve and open your voice. Clear emotional blockages and give your energy centers a cleans and charge up with the power of your own voice. Send a message of harmony to every cell of your body. Feel the deep meditation of toning the sounds of your own true nature as it aligns your being and gives you a clear aura of peace and healing….

Kevin James is an experienced Chant leader who travels continuously sharing his presence and heartfelt voice with people from many different cultures and religions throughout the world. His intention is to unite people to the heart through the simple act of chanting together in a way that is universal and based on the principles of Bhakti Yoga, to see the “One” or the Divine in everyone and everything. A search beginning, continuing, and ending in love.


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Heart Songs in the Himalayas 2016 – A Journey Into the Heart via Song and Sacred Places


Duration: 21 Days: 31 July to 20 Aug 2016
Location: Ladakh
Available Seat: 20
Price: $3750 AUD (twinshare)Early Bird Available Now : $3300 AUD
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Heart Songs in the Himalayas is a retreat held in some of the most sacred mountains in the world. This retreat will be the third time that we, as an intentional group supported in heart-song by Kevin James Carroll, will share our time with each other connecting through music, chant and heart-centred practices in the Himalayas. Building on the amazing experiences we have had with 2 previous Spirit Journeys to Ladakh, we have come up with a new and revised formula for conducting these journeys. In order to create a safe and comfortable retreat atmosphere, we now are planning to base ourselves at one unique location for the bulk of our time together. From our base we will take day trips and overnight excursions according to weather and interest. This gives us great flexibility to be able to go with the flow of the group, and means we can settle into more of a routine around the heart song practices that take us deeper into ourselves and our experience of being in the Himalayas.

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Its a Blessing. Bali – yoga, bodywork, mantra Retreat with Gwyn Williams and Kevin James Carroll..March 23 – 29th 2015

BaliWithGwyn2015                   This is an exploration into yoga, bodywork, mantra, music and an inwardly rich culture. Come and join us for 6 days following Nyepi, the annual Balinese sacred day of silence, in a small fishing village at the base of Mt Agung overlooking the ocean. See flyer for more details. Join and share our FB Event here. “Register” Click here for more information