Chanting Heartsongs, Mantra & Kirtan

A powerful way to reconnect to the heart.

When we are in connection with our heart, everything changes.
Our heart has its own intelligence and is a doorway to our own inner light, the light of our awareness, unobstructed by thoughts of separation and an imaginary self or ego. Connected to our heart we find we are the person that our ego, can spend a lifetime attempting to imitate yet will always fail. We are effortlessly and naturally all the things we call good. Without trying or needing to follow rules or religious beliefs.
We have no desire or need to control our self or others. Fully connected, we are naturally kind, respectful, present, self fulfilled, accepting, grateful and unconditionally loving human beings and yes, in the unconscious dream of the ego, we are naturally dysfunctional and destructive to ourselves, others and the environment and are justified to feel we need to be in control and controlled.
Somehow, through the process of our evolution, most of humanity has became disconnected from our true self or sense of being which has caused us to create a false or imaginary self that we hold in our memory and subconsciously recreate it like an addiction. This egoic collective unconsciousness has become normal, so for most people, this is difficult to believe. I understand this.

You surely have to experience it for yourself and this is what we do with the chanting circle, create a space for that to happen. It’s like a remembering. In a world where forgetting who we are has become normal, its destructive patterns have left us in an apparent life or death situation. We can remember together and support one another. And for me and many others, chanting Mantra and Heart songs is the perfect way to do it.
The way I see it, this disconnection from source is the number one cause of all our actions of disharmony, self abuse, dysfunction and creation of suffering on the planet and its time we realize that controlling ourselves and others through discipline and force doesn’t work. It just serves to strengthen the ego’s hold on us by assuming us to be something other than love. It’s true we needed to go through this but now it’s time for us to rise above.

There is nothing more difficult than trying to be who you already are!
It is stressful and completely insane. Fortunately, many people, all over the world are recognizing this and are willing to start the process of surrendering the ego and supporting each other to step into harmony, into being. Chanting heart songs, mantra and Kirtan brings us back home, into alignment with the heart, quickly, easily and with so much joy. It connects us, stills the mind and raises our conscious awareness out of our illusionary, habitual thought patterns into the heart, where we can see who we really are. It’s an honor to be co-creating this journey into the heart of one with you…

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that says

Tell me and I’ll forget

Show me and I may remember

Involve me and I’ll understand


This is the philosophy behind these Chanting Heart songs circles.
Within the songs are messages of the heart. Some ancient, some modern and personal, yet all I believe are medicine for a mind that continues to believe the story of a separated self, yet yearns for reconnection, beyond the illusions that has confined the human spirit for so long.

As an independent musician, this website is one of the few ways for me to stay in touch with you. You can share the music with your friends (click “share ”) Stay tuned by subscribing to my mailing list, so I can send you out specific information for when I’m touring in your area.  It’s also a great way to keep up to date with new releases and to find out about special retreats…

All love to you…Kevin.

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How nice it is to take a break from the intensity of Bali and spend a lovely week in Sydney. I know many see it the other way round but this is my experience here on the Northern Beaches. Peaceful, birds calling, white sandy beach and clean waters. Gratitude...
I'm only holding one intimate circle here on Thursday. If you feel to join us, last I spoke with Andrew, we have still some tickets available. I'll be sharing some new songs, Welcome.
Kevin James Sydney Chanting Circle
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Kevin James Sydney Chanting Circle

March 30, 2017, 7:15pm - March 30, 2017, 9:30pm

A very special intimate encore performance from Ke...

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Marettimo, is a natural beauty, a mountain in the middle of the sea, the most remote and secluded island of the Egadi, in the very centre of the Mediterranean. Out of the artificial and frantic rhythms of modern life, it is the island of quietness and silence, broken only by the cries of sea-gulls, the hiss of the wind and the beating of waves against the rocks.

You are invited to join us for a holiday that combines the deep and joyful practice of chanting Mantras, meditation to discover this secluded island, the nature and its people in a way of deep connection and respect.

Our aim is to bring a different type of visitor to the island and also to support our needs of getting away and being with like minds to create a sense of family, have a relaxing holiday and also to do our inner work of connection to the heart.

Marettimo and its local population have managed to keep themselves off the tourist map quite intentionally in order to preserve their way of life and this little island paradise.

As you could imagine this has had an effect on the economy and the problems associated with this include many younger people leaving for the cities.

We were approached by local Alessia Bangi with a call for help. She came to our circle in Corfu and dreamed that if only she could bring this to her home, it could turn things around before they were forced to sell their soul to tourism.

When she asked me I immediately had a good feeling and followed up her invitation to visit, then when she sent some pictures we started to feel inspired. She also shred her dream with an amazing pianist Cristiano Tiozzo who plays inspired music for healing…
He and I chatted and also felt touched by this and we both decided to work together to make this happen. Alessia, spoke with the Mayor of the island who liked the idea. With the kindness and support of the Mayor and Alessia’s determination, we’re now planning a Music Wellness Festival to start things off, featuring Cristiano Tiozzo and myself followed by a Mantra Holiday with daily practices and chanting circles, also Aquahara sessions and yoga options available.

There are also options for hiking, diving and to just hang out on the beach.

Practical Information

Start: Friday July 14th, 2017 at 19.00 pm
End: Thursday July 20th morning around 12.00 pm
Daily sessions run from breakfast to lunchtime and again after dinner.

Seminar fee 380€ per person (administration fee included) + accommodation & meals

We will be located in the eco-friendly Marettimo Residence (

Follow the link to have all the information:

Please feel welcome…
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Mantra Holiday with Kevin James

July 14, 2017, 7:00pm - July 20, 2017, 8:00pm

Marettimo, is a natural beauty, a mountain in the ...

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On the full moon on April 11th, 2017 something imp...

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Kevin James - Heartsongs shared Mesmerizing Instruments and Sounds's 'Enchanting Georgian Voices'. ... See MoreSee Less

Enjoy the mesmerizing sounds brought by the men of...

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